Julkea! sets out to develop society-based academic publishing. It is a joint effort by three Finnish scientific societies:  The Society for Regional and Environmental Studies (AYS), The Geographical Society of Finland (SMS) and The Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science (YHYS). The societies publish three referee journals: Alue & Ympäristö, Fennia and Terra. The project aims at

1) Tightening cooperation between the scientific societies
2) Establishing and strengthening ties between academic and expert communities and scientific societies
3) Finding and developing new practices for academic publishing and new arenas for scientific debate

The word ”julkea” has a double meaning in Finnish. As an adjective, it stands for audacious, immodest and daring, and as a verb the project shouts Dare!. With these connotations, Julkea! aims at opening up space for discussion, new ideas and experimentation, and developing responsible non-profit open access academic publishing. How would You like to participate in improving scientific communication and academic communities? Contact info@julkea.fi to share your thoughts or join the discussion in social media!

Julkea! is funded by the Kone Foundation as a ’Bold Initiative’ (2017-2018).